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We Supply and Service All Equipment.


Excavators are powerful digging machines with advanced hydraulic systems that can often outperform larger tractor loader backhoes, which are limited to only 180 degrees of workgroup movement.

Backhoe Loaders

A backhoe loader is an interesting invention because it’s actually three pieces of construction equipment combined into one unit: a tractor, a loader and a backhoe.
It is used to dig up hard, compact material, usually earth, or to lift heavy loads.

Parts Department

The company offers a wide range of JCB parts for the servicing and repairing of JCB Backhoes and Excavators.These parts include filters, batteries, electrical parts, engine parts, top and bottom rollers, track chains for 20-22 tons excavators and a variety of other servicing parts.A special order service is also offered for parts we do not stock.

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Company Profile

Surdeen Equipment and Trucking Company began its operations in 2004, its shareholders are Mr. & Mrs. John Surdeen. The company’s major activities include rental and sales of heavy-duty equipment, the sale of new and used heavy duty equipment, the sale of new and used parts, supplying and servicing of all equipment and repairing and servicing of hydraulic hammers.
Our organisation Surdeen Equipment and Trucking Co. Ltd. has been executing Civil Engineering Construction Projects for over ten years. To date, the company has completed various projects, dealing mainly in infrastructural works. Three of these completed projects are:
1. Sub-contractors to Kier/CCC (Jamaica); a joint venture on the South Manchester Mines Development Project
2. Port Antonio Water, Sewerage and Drainage Project
3. Maggoty Hydro Expansion Project (construction of new buried pipeline including all earthworks)


Our Brands

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We stock all parts for the maintenance of all JCB equipment.